July 7, 2015

Where I use a vintage remedy against the heatwave

Hello there.
As I am sure you have been informed by everyone on the internet, temperatures are crazy in Europe right now. Here in Toulouse we have peaks of 38°C. 
Something you might not know is that I do not enjoy hot weather. I might be unpopular but it's not my fault, I just feel dizzy and deprived of any energy. Case in point: yesterday I fainted in the metro. 
So please excuse my non smiling face in these pictures, it is just enough that I was standing up. They were taken two weeks ago but never got around actually writing this post.


This is my second make of the #vintagepledge even if you still haven't seen the first one. My life is quite messy right now so it seems about right to have no order whatsoever in my posts. Anyway.

The pattern is a new acquisition in my library and it is Modes et Travaux # 1087, year unknown. Please shout out if you have any clues about the date. 
I bought it one month ago at the monthly flea market for 2€. It is described as "Blouse bain-de-soleil en cotonnade imprimé". It is a wrap blouse which closes with a waist tie and back bow. Super cute, I know. 
It also has a second blouse pattern integrated, which I will make as soon as I find the perfect fabric for it.

I removed the waist tie because I didn't have enough fabric (more on that later on) and went with a few hidden buttons to keep it close.

The first time I wore it, I realized it had a too deep décolleté and ended up covering myself up until I reached the haberdashery and bought a strategic safety pin. Chéri was with me that time and he agreed. On the previous picture you can see how the safety pin is pulling in my chest area and changing a bit the overall look of the garment.

I like how this pattern pairs with my plain separates and my vintage sunglasses, and how easy and breezy it is to wear in the heat. I am also very pleased with the back view, since this is my only blouse with straps and low-cut back. I should make more like that! I look awful in every back picture, but I like to believe that reality is better.

As this was my second Modes et Travaux pattern, I already knew how to hack the fitting: I went for a size 48 grading up a few cm at the waist. My previous pattern of the same brand ended up being a bit tight at the shoulders, but this time the straps were easy to fit with simple adjustments on length and positioning.

The fabric is a scrap from another project (that you will see around here soon enough). I bought it in Remnant Kings in Edinburgh, composition unknown but it feels like a nice viscose. It is very drapey and probably not the best for this pattern, which I would like to make again in a more stable cotton or linen. I believe the drape covers a bit the interesting pattern features but all in all it is a nice colourful blouse to wear in summertime. Also, the fact that it was the first time with this pattern pushed me to use whatever nice scrap I had around just to play with adjustments and make something quick and rewarding. 

The pattern features French darts, which I had never experienced before, and I must say I love the vintage feel they add to the garment, and the bust shape they make, quite pointy to be honest. I wish I took more care in sewing the darts especially in smoothing their ends, but I felt I was in a no-pressure mindless project and went all the way lazy. And I can be a lot lazy.

Anyway, that's it for this blouse, and I am closing with a picture where I actually smile despite the heat, go figure!

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