September 9, 2016

Where pajamas keep me awake

Hello there!
It's been almost four months I don't write here.

The last time you left me before my first WeightWatchers meeting, and rest assured this is the main reason I have not written anymore.
WeightWatchers works, and I now have roughly 10 kg less! I am not out of breath anymore and my lifestyle is more active and healthy in general.
Speaking of sewing my own clothes, my body measurements have changed a lot of course: my body now has totally different proportions and shape than it used to have before. Still, my weight loss journey is not over: I am still overweight and my body will change again, both in measurements and general shape.

As you can imagine, all my clothes are quite big for me right now, but I don't feel like sewing new ones, because it is a lot of effort for something that will not necessarily fit in a few months more. I've tried to buy, but well let's just say I am not used to be in RTW clothes anymore.

Have I been sewing these past months? Yes of course! I have had some dull moments because of intense workload, but sewing is still my passion.

Among other things, I have been sewing for Chéri, and that is what I am going to show you today: a man pajamas top.

It is the Eugene henley by Seamwork Magazine. It is not necessarily sleepwear, but that's what I have chosen to do with it.

I particularly liked the small details which make it precious, like the button placket, the side vents, the back neckline reinforcement.

As you can see, I had quite a lot of fun playing with stripes and colours. Fabric is a priceworthy find in the remnants bin in Toto Tissus in Toulouse. I still have some left, let's see what I can make with it.

You might notice that pattern matching is not perfect, and I am sorry to do so but I blame my sewing machine which is not capable anymore to deal with very thin and stretchy fabric without overstretching it.

I have made no alterations, but next time I will make wider shoulders, according to Chéri's feedback. I still haven't seen him wearing it so I'll have to trust his judgement, you know the joys of long distance relationships...

It was my first button placket and my first time installing snaps. It all went well, instructions are clear and it's a quick and gratifying make.
It has definitely kept my sewing skills awake in this awkward transition period of my sewing life.

In case you want to join the Seamwork Magazine, you can earn have 1/2 off your first month, and I'll get one free month if you follow my referral link.